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Two years after the coronavirus pandemic impacted our lives, in a time when we were heading to the new normal, the whole world was troubled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Millions of people have fled Ukraine due to a cruel war, and many of them sought refuge in Romania. Same as 2 years ago, when the digital agencies’ community helped Romanian small businesses overcome the first months of the pandemic, the marketing and communication professionals offer resources to help the refugees from Ukraine.

WANT TO HELP? For Romanian Agencies: Our friends from Ukraine can use our help. You can offer your support for their ongoing project or maybe a workspace in your office. You can even hire digital professionals from Ukraine. This way we can bring some comfort to their lives.

NEED HELP? For Ukrainian Digital Professionals: Are you an expert in digital marketing, web design, or web development? Are you looking for a job in Romania? Do you need resources and manpower for your current projects? We can help! Let us know what you require.


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Marketing for Good - Here to help

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