SEOlium – Professional Google Rank Tracker

SEOlium – Professional Google Rank Tracker – Unlike many competitors, we produce, own, and fully control our raw data (Google ranks).

To avoid data anomalies and ensure 99.7% accuracy across a large number of local, state/national, and Worldwide SEO projects, our algorithms use a combination of cutting-edge technologies and human calibration:
– daily accuracy check routine
– advanced search operators
– throttled residential proxies that cover any zip-code in the world
– manual data accuracy validation check by human testers
– automatic data corroboration between SEOlium and Google Search Console

We’re not going to charge more for the things we don’t have to pay for. At SEOlium we only have one expense and it’s determined by how many keywords you need to track. So that’s what you pay for while enjoying:
– unlimited projects
– unlimited websites/competitors
– unlimited reports
– unlimited keyword groups/subgroups/locations
– limited keyword rank checks ;)

How much you pay is determined by how many keyword rank checks we need to perform on your behalf.

A keyword rank check is different from a keyword though. Keywords (or search terms/search queries) are a list of phrases you’re interested in ranking #1 in Google SERPs with. To produce our data, we need to actually search them on Google, as often as you instruct us to. These are the keyword rank checks that you pay for.

While designing this tool, we didn’t study or seek inspiration from any competitor.

You truly own all the ranking data, and we’re never going to keep it hostage.

The Google Rank Tracker tool is designed with big data and business intelligence in mind.

Who said the job has to be boring?

Our imagery and messages are crafted to make you smile!

Go visit: SEOlium – Professional Google Rank Tracker.

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