Știrile SEO și PPC ale lunii iunie 2022

Mai jos, resursele SEO și PPC cele mai importante, pentru mine, din luna iunie 2022.

8 Mari Probleme De Rezolvat Pentru Succes În Marketing Afiliat https://afiliatti.ro/8-mari-probleme-de-rezolvat-pentru-succes-in-marketing-afiliat/


Află care sunt cele mari 8 probleme la care trebuie să găsești soluții dacă vrei să ai succes în marketing afiliat.


Google Ads shares three automation best practices https://searchengineland.com/google-ads-shares-three-automation-best-practices-385563


Google’s new best practices guide aims to ease advertiser concerns over adopting an automated keyword and bidding strategy.


Premieră la Poşta Română: Clienţii vor beneficia de servicii poştale automatizate, prin „Ghişeul poştal digital” https://www.zf.ro/eveniment/premiera-la-posta-romana-clientii-vor-beneficia-de-servicii-postale-20895019


Poşta Română a lansat luni primul Ghişeu poştal digital, cea mai nouă şi completă soluţie de servicii poştale automatizate, ce vor fi accesibile clienţilor în regim de self-service, nonstop.


Trenduri în Digital Marketing pentru 2022 – Blog-ul GPeC https://www.gpec.ro/blog/trenduri-in-digital-marketing-pentru-2022


Anul 2021 nu a fost o încercare de revenire la normal – deoarece normalitatea știută a devenit, la rândul său, istorie – ci mai mult o reconfigurare a ceea ce viața poate fi, potrivit noilor priorități.


The Only 29 Free SEO Tools You Need https://ahrefs.com/blog/free-seo-tools/


Looking for a list of free, useful SEO tools? Then look no further.


Ghid: Cum promovezi online un magazin de nunta & cum vinzi pentru nunti https://www.gomag.ro/blog/promovare-magazin-nunta/


Dupa o scadere brusca in ultimii 2 ani si numeroase restrictii legate de organizarea evenimentelor, nuntile revin in stil mare.


Data Breach OTP Leasing – CVD – Cristian Iosub https://www.cristianiosub.ro/data-breach-otp-leasing-cvd


Important este că până la momentul publicării acestui articol nu am primit niciun răspuns din partea OTP Leasing deși am oferit dreptul la replică.


The Professional’s Guide to SEO – Moz https://moz.com/professionals-guide-to-seo


Welcome to the Professional’s Guide to SEO!


Keith Goode on Twitter: „One common aspect of Technical SEO most people don’t talk about is the overwhelming number of imperfections you could address but probably shouldn’t. This all goes back to prioritization. Does it matter? #SEO” / Twitter https://twitter.com/keithgoode/status/1533891345844260866


Sahil Bloom on Twitter: „Pick a house and ring the doorbell. If someone answers, say something like: “Good morning! I’m [Name]. I’m [Age] and I’m trying to learn more about different careers. Would you mind if I took 10 minutes of your time over a coffee and asked you a few questions about your work?”” / Twitter https://twitter.com/sahilbloom/status/1533492499754491904


How to pick the least wrong colors || Matthew Ström, designer-leader https://matthewstrom.com/writing/how-to-pick-the-least-wrong-colors/


An algorithm for creating color palettes for data visualization


Cum comunicăm eficient cu clienții? – Canopy https://canopy.ro/blog/ppc/cum-comunicam-eficient-cu-clientii/


Am pregătit pentru tine o serie de puncte pe care este bine să le urmărești pentru a avea o comunicare eficientă de fiecare dată.


Tools for better thinking | Untools https://untools.co/


Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.


Taxe noi ULTIMA ORĂ EXCLUSIV – Impozit mai mare și cu 60% la… | PROFIT.ro https://www.profit.ro/taxe-si-consultanta/exclusiv-cea-mare-schimbare-fiscala-ultimii-ani-impozit-mare-60-case-taieri-facilitati-tva-mare-unele-bauturi-plafoane-activitati-independente-liberale-reguli-microfirme-20726274


Românii și vacanțele – Ce se caută pe Google, unde se duc oamenii și cum arată tendințele în turism pentru vara lui 2022 – HotNews.ro https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-esential-25605596-romanii-concediu-vacante-cautari-google-bilete-avion-litoral-mamaia-vacante-2022-tendinte-hoteluri-cazare.htm


Românii au un chef nebun de vacanțe în vara lui 2022, iar asta se vede atât în căutările Google, cât și în datele companiilor din turism. Deși s-a scumpit tot ce ține de călătorii și cazare, românii merg în număr tot mai mare la all-inclusive pe litoralul românesc, dar se duc în număr tot mai ridicat în Grecia, Bulgaria și Turcia.


PC on Twitter: „Recession looms. What should you do? Lots of generic advice past month. Ran an analysis on 23.2k subscription and SaaS companies, and here’s what I found. Things will mostly be fine, but two data points are pretty scary (especially in consumer and soon B2B). Let’s ride 👇” / Twitter https://twitter.com/Patticus/status/1534541513564332032


FAQ Pages for SEO (+ Examples & Best Practices) https://ahrefs.com/blog/faq-pages-seo/


FAQ pages (when done well) can be a double win: They provide valuable content that users want to see and Google wants to rank.


Rulex – Home https://rulex-rs.github.io/


A new, portable, regular expression language.


My 5 Favorite SEO Newsletters – Practical Ecommerce https://www.practicalecommerce.com/my-5-favorite-seo-newsletters


Ecommerce merchants know the value of organic search for traffic and conversions. The five newsletters below will help you stay current with search engine optimization and learn new tactics quickly and succinctly.


Marketing vs. promotion | Seth’s Blog https://seths.blog/2022/06/marketing-vs-promotion/


Marketing is creating the conditions for a story to spread so you can help people get to where they hope to go. Marketing is work that matters for people who care, a chance to create products and services that lead to change.


How AI will change the future of search engine optimization https://searchengineland.com/how-ai-will-change-the-future-of-search-engine-optimization-385543


AI will completely change SEO as we know it. From optimization to link building, it will significantly impact every aspect of SEO.


WordPress Community Reacts To 6.0 Arturo https://www.searchenginejournal.com/wordpress-community-reacts-to-6-0-arturo/453174/


The response to the rollout of WordPress 6.0 Arturo was generally positive, with some surprising experiences and responses


Platforma de automatizare easySales integreaza solutiile Filbo de finantare a afacerilor – ECOMpedia https://ecompedia.ro/platforma-de-automatizare-easysales-integreaza-solutiile-filbo-de-finantare-afacerilor/?nzm_re=511432918-f2a588c3022a46bd39fb6f0c16b42d6c-968536


Platforma easySales anunta, intr-un comunicat de presa, ca a integrat direct in interfata digitala o solutie de finantare a afacerilor cu sume de pana la 115.000 de lei, asigurata de Filbo.


Six Social Media KPIs You Have to Track [INFOGRAPHIC] – Giraffe Social Media https://www.giraffesocialmedia.co.uk/six-social-media-kpis-you-have-to-track-infographic/


When it comes to social media, measuring and recording various KPIs will ensure you’re on track with your digital marketing efforts. These KPIs will help you to understand what is and isn’t working, and inform your decisions when making changes to your strategy.


Using Content as a Business Differentiator : Social Media Examiner https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/using-content-as-a-business-differentiator/


Looking for something that can give you a unique edge? Wondering if creating the right content can raise you above the competition?


La inceput de vara, venim cu vesti bune! Visualfest Romania, cea mai importanta conferinta dedicata pasionatilor si creatorilor de continut vizual din Romania, revine cu o noua editie, in format hibrid. Pe 5 iulie, te asteptam la JW Marriott Hotel pentru o zi cu tendinte actuale, strategii de promovare si bune practici pentru o comunicare vizuala eficienta.




220 Tool-uri de marketing, design, business. — Alexandra Ene │ Online Business Simplificat https://alexandraene.com/220-tool-uri-de-marketing/


Vrei să începi o afacere online? Ai idei pe jumătate formate, dar nimic clar cum să generezi bani online? Oh, been there.


SEOday | The only SEO event in three languages https://puntorojo.com/en/seoday/english


The only SEO event in three languages


Chris Silver Smith on Twitter: „SEO folks, you might be interested to know that Twitter is apparently no longer using rel=”nofollow”. So, profiles, tweets, and other pages on Twitter may now contain followed links!🔗‼️ Observations🧵👇 https://t.co/P5ldLSfaxq” / Twitter https://twitter.com/si1very/status/1535326024036122626


Firefox and Chrome are squaring off over ad-blocker extensions – The Verge https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/10/23131029/mozilla-ad-blocking-firefox-google-chrome-privacy-manifest-v3-web-request


Mozilla will let extensions use the most privacy-preserving blocking techniques on network traffic


How DALL-E could power a creative revolution – The Verge https://www.theverge.com/23162454/openai-dall-e-image-generation-tool-creative-revolution


Thoughts on my first week with OpenAI’s amazing text-to-image AI tool


Always Own Your Platform http://www.alwaysownyourplatform.com/



<)  )╯Always

/    \



(  (> Own

/    \



<)  )> Your Platform

/    \


Învățăturile lui Mitzuu, singurul influencer român nominalizat la ABOUT YOU Awards, pentru adolescenți (și părinți): „Cu ½ milioane de vizualizări lunar, te poți întreține din vlogging” – HotNews.ro https://life.hotnews.ro/stiri-showbiz-25612254-invataturile-lui-mitzuu-singurul-influencer-roman-nominalizat-about-you-awards-catre-adolescenti-parinti-1-2-milioane-vizualizari-lunar-poti-intretine-din-vlogging.htm


​Mitzuu este unul dintre cei mai cunoscuți vloggeri din România având pe canalul lui de Youtube peste 700 de mii de abonați. Am stat de vorbă cu Mitzuu după ce vloggerul a fost nominalizat la ABOUT YOU Awards, eveniment care premiază creatorii digitali ai anului din Europa.


Download Tables from any Webpage to Excel sheets. https://www.pagetosheet.com/


Google’s AI Doesn’t Understand Restaurant Menus – Terence Eden’s Blog https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2022/06/googles-ai-doesnt-understand-restaurant-menus/


In the glorious future, every website will be chock-full of semantic metadata.


14 Best Social Media Management Tools in 2022 https://adespresso.com/blog/social-media-management-tools/


In this article, we’ve compiled 14 of the best social media management tools for 2022 so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


Content, Curated. – Issue #33 – Search Valley https://searchvalley.co.uk/content-curated-33/


It’s finally here, issue #33 of Content, Curated. Due to a busy month or so, including welcoming a new baby to our family, it’s been a larger than usual gap between issues.


Microsoft Teams now uses AI to improve echo, interruptions, and acoustics – The Verge https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/13/23165520/microsoft-teams-ai-machine-learning-acoustics-interruptions-echo-cancellation-features


Your Teams calls should sound a lot better


Trust signals boost conversions. Use them to back your copy. https://copyhackers.com/2022/06/trust-signals-boost-conversions/


Trust signals are written or visual features on your website and in your emails indicating your business is trustworthy to customers.


⭐️ I discovered a cure for writer’s block that actually works – Jakob Greenfeld – Experiments in Permissionless Entrepreneurship http://jakobgreenfeld.com/content-ideas


If you struggle with writer’s block (and I mean who doesn’t), I got good news for you.


Robert Katai | Content Strategist on Instagram: “Orice marketer deștept folosește aplicații care îl ajută să-și facă treaba mai bine. Așa că în acest carousel vei descoperi 5 aplicații…” https://www.instagram.com/p/CexYEwUqb5t/


Alain Schlesser on Twitter: „Can we please talk about the fact that #WordPress themes are not about „colors & fonts”, but are what shapes the markup being generated on the frontend – the super-power that allowed WP to remain relevant across multiple iterations of the web. => theme.json is not a replacement.” / Twitter https://twitter.com/schlessera/status/1536389022918053895


Firefox Rolls Out Total Cookie Protection By Default To All Users https://blog.mozilla.org/en/products/firefox/firefox-rolls-out-total-cookie-protection-by-default-to-all-users-worldwide/


Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows and Mac.


Google, Apple, and Amazon Stifle Innovation When They Favor Their Own Products – SparkToro https://sparktoro.com/blog/google-apple-and-amazon-stifle-innovation-when-they-favor-their-own-products/


I think I owe it to my fellow marketers and readers of this blog to explain why I believe this bill fits with SparkToro’s values and why I think anyone not planning to spend their professional life as a Google, Amazon, or Apple executive should support it.


Comerciantii eMAG Marketplace pot cumpara coduri EAN chiar si pentru un singur produs – ECOMpedia https://ecompedia.ro/comerciantii-emag-marketplace-pot-cumpara-coduri-ean-chiar-si-pentru-un-singur-produs/


Din dorinta de a sustine antreprenorii digitali si a facilita accesul pe marketplace pentru cat mai multi comercianti, eMAG.ro a incheiat un parteneriat cu asociatia non-profit GS1, prin care antreprenorii pot achizitiona coduri de bare unice (EAN) valabile la nivel international, in orice moment, chiar si la bucata.


LinkedIn announces Business Manager https://searchengineland.com/linkedin-business-manager-385677


LinkedIn’s new centralized platform should make managing multiple assets easier for large enterprises and agencies.


6 Ways to Scale Facebook Ads (The Right Way) | WordStream https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2022/06/08/how-to-scale-facebook-ads


With that point of view in mind, here are some ways you can try to find scale within your Facebook Ads accounts.


Microsoft Bing is building a new retail marketplace https://searchengineland.com/microsoft-bing-is-building-a-new-retail-marketplace-385826


Bing aims to drive a modest $25 million in merchandise sales by the fiscal year 2023.


28 Daily Hashtags Ideas To Boost Your Engagement (Cheatsheet) https://blog.hootsuite.com/daily-hashtags/


Daily hashtags are always trending. If you’re ready to join the conversation, we’ve got the top hashtags for every day of the week.


Google Domains vs GoDaddy: Which Domain Registrar to Choose https://kinsta.com/blog/google-domains-vs-godaddy/


When registering a new domain to the domain name system (DNS), you have so many options.


6 Upselling and Cross-selling Examples from B2B and B2C Companies | CXL https://cxl.com/blog/upselling-examples/


In this article, we’ll show you how six companies employ the best upselling strategies. Then we’ll tell you how to do it yourself so you’re not leaving money on the table.


Local SEO Audit: Everything You Need to Know [+ How to Perform One] https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/local-seo-audit


While a local SEO audit may seem daunting if you’ve never done one before, it can actually be completed in seven easy steps — and there are several tools that can make yours quick and efficient.


The State of Link Building 2022 Report – Aira http://aira.net/state-of-link-building/


Welcome to the State of Link Building 2022 Report from Aira.


Asking for a date of birth – Design in government https://designnotes.blog.gov.uk/2013/12/05/asking-for-a-date-of-birth/


On the Register to vote project, we have been testing different ways of asking for a date of birth.


The Power of Second-Order Pain Points – Animalz https://www.animalz.co/blog/second-order-pain-points/


One of the simplest (and best) content marketing strategies is to write about pain points — the ugly problems your product is designed to solve.


Nora Ignat, Kooperativa 2.0: Tips & Tricks pentru Facebook Ads https://www.iqads.ro/articol/60153/nora-ignat-kooperativa-2-0-tips-tricks-pentru-facebook-ads


În cadrul oricărei strategii de marketing digital este nevoie să utilizăm un mix de canale de promovare pentru a ajunge la publicul țintă.


INTERVIU Florinel Chiş (ARMO): În actuala criză a preţurilor, românii se vor îndrepta spre shopping online | AGERPRES • Actualizează lumea. https://agerpres.ro/economic-intern/2022/06/09/interviu-florinel-chis-armo-in-actuala-criza-a-preturilor-romanii-se-vor-indrepta-spre-shopping-online–931792


Românii au descoperit beneficiile comerţului electronic, oferta de produse a devenit din ce în ce mai variată, iar acestea se traduc într-o valoare estimată a pieţei locale de 6,2 miliarde de euro, la nivelul anului 2021, în creştere cu 10% comparativ cu datele din 2020, a declarat, într-un interviu acordat AGERPRES, directorul executiv al Asociaţiei Române a Magazinelor Online (ARMO), Florinel Chiş.


New Photoshop update will restore an old photo in a single click – DIY Photography https://www.diyphotography.net/new-photoshop-update-will-restore-an-old-photo-in-a-single-click/


The latest update of Adobe Photoshop includes the ability to restore an old photo in just one click, thanks to the software’s groundbreaking addition to their Neural Filters.


Dans Tools – Online tools for users and developers. https://www.danstools.com/


Below is a collection of various tools that I have found helpful for many years.


Digital News Infographic #4 – Date despre Social Media Ads – Gun Media : Gun Media https://www.gun.ro/digital-news-infographic-4-date-despre-social-media-ads/


Tu te-ai întrebat vreodată care este rata de succes a reclamelor în Social Media? Ei bine, noi ne-am întrebat.


WordPress Forcibly Updates Over a Million Websites to Fix Critical Plugin Flaw https://www.bitdefender.com/blog/hotforsecurity/wordpress-forcibly-updates-over-a-million-websites-to-fix-critical-plugin-flaw/


Wordfence urges Ninja Forms users to ensure that their websites are running one of the patched versions, despite WordPress’ efforts to deploy automatic updates.


Amazon to launch in Belgium https://ecommercenews.eu/amazon-to-launch-in-belgium/


Ecommerce giant Amazon is launching in Belgium, with Amazon Belgium.


22 idei utile pentru business de la Brand Minds 2022 #BrandMinds2022 https://calinbiris.ro/22-idei-utile-pentru-business-de-la-brand-minds-2022-brandminds2022/


Ediția Brand Minds de anul acesta a fost un succes. Peste 6.000 de participanți s-au inspirat din discursurile a 8 speakeri de talie globală și au avut ocazia de a face networking de calitate.


Cum se lasă românii păcăliți de aplicații false care promit câștiguri enorme în urma unor like-uri – Stirileprotv.ro https://stirileprotv.ro/stiri/inspectorul-pro/cum-se-lasa-romanii-pacaliti-de-aplicatii-false-care-promit-castiguri-enorme-in-urma-unor-like-uri.html


Mirajul îmbogățirii peste noapte ruinează mii de români care își plasează banii, fară să verifice, în așa numite instrumente financiare. În realitate, sunt rețele de pe internet care își selectează victimele cu promisiunea unor câștiguri uriașe.


▷ Manipularea scorului DA și site-urile de advertoriale https://mariuscalin.ro/manipularea-scorului-da-si-site-urile-de-advertoriale/


Văd că în ultimul timp inboxul, dar și piața este inundată de site-uri cu scor DA fals și acest metric ajunge să nu mai însemne nimic din moment ce poate fi manipulat chiar atât de ușor.


Cum sa vinzi mai mult clientilor cu puncte de fidelitate – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0py-TSgNAVQ


Azi, 21 iunie, de la ora 14:00, ne vedem la o noua sesiune live pe YouTube Gomag. Discutam despre impactul punctelor de fidelitate in strategia ta marketing si despre cum sa folosesti aplicatia Gomag la maximum.


Implementeaza un program de fidelizare automat, ce iti aduce clienti valorosi pe termen lung. Afla cum!


Map Data V: False Assumptions Programmers Make – The Solution Space https://solutionspace.blog/2022/06/18/map-data-v-false-assumptions-programmers-make/


Maps are a rich source of edge cases. Especially when you start dealing with global maps, be prepared: That weird situation you assume does not exist? Somewhere in the world, it does.


WordPress.org Strongly Urges Theme Authors to Switch to Locally Hosted Webfonts – WP Tavern https://wptavern.com/wordpress-org-strongly-urges-theme-authors-to-switch-to-locally-hosted-webfonts


In light of a recent German court case, which fined a website owner for violating the GDPR by using Google-hosted webfonts, WordPress.org’s themes team is updating its recommendations for hosting webfonts.


Visualfest – Homepage https://www.visualfest.ro/


Visualfest este o sarbatoare a comunicarii vizuale, un loc de intalnire al creatorilor de continut cu branduri interesate de tendintele momentului in social media.


Dacă vreodată aveți nevoie să vă testați viteza de acces la internet (de pe mobil sau de acasă), vă recomand fast.com – razvanbb https://razvanbb.ro/daca-vreodata-aveti-nevoie-sa-va-testati-viteza-de-acces-la-internet-de-pe-mobil-sau-de-acasa-va-recomand-fast-com/


E ușor de reținut și de introdus în browser, e curat (fără publicitate) și este pus la dispoziție de Netflix (probabil pentru apelurile la suportul tehnic), deci de încredere.


Urmăritori, adepți, follower(ș)i https://dilemaveche.ro/sectiune/editoriale-si-opinii/pe-ce-lume-traim/urmaritori-adepti-followersi-638998.html


Un caz interesant este cel al substantivului urmăritor (cu corespondentul feminin urmăritoare), pe care dicționarele noastre îl definesc în cheie preponderent negativă, ca evocînd un scenariu al amenințării: „persoană care urmărește pe cineva (pentru a supraveghea, a prinde, a aresta)” (DEX).


Mini-Volume Keywords: Why Targeting Small Search Volumes Makes Sense https://www.growandconvert.com/content-marketing/mini-volume-keywords/


But despite this data and our reasoning, we still get client pushback on proposed target keywords because SEO tools say the number of searches is low.


Google Signals în GA4 https://webanalyst.ro/2022/google-signals/


Google Signals este o funcționalitate care oferă către analytics date despre utilizatorii autentificați în conturi Google. Pe baza acesteia, putem afla numărul de utilizatori unici.


Search marketers agree: automation the least favorite part of PPC https://searchengineland.com/search-marketers-agree-automation-the-least-favorite-part-of-ppc-385845


We asked and you answered. Automation and lack of transparency ring in at number one. Support and clients are a close second.


Ce pot face ca newsletter-ul meu să ajungă în INBOX-ul abonaților? – Email Marketing Blog – Newsman https://blog.newsman.ro/trimitere-newsletter-in-inbox/


Trimite campanii de email în Inbox. Rolul furnizorului.


Oh, My MUM. Or how to think SEO in the era of algorithms based on AI https://www.iloveseo.net/oh-my-mum-or-how-to-think-seo-in-the-era-of-algorithms-based-on-ai/


I am going to be clear from the beginning: in this post, you are not going to find patents, their schemes, and speculations about algorithms.


Twitter will expand beyond the 280 character limit with Notes, its upcoming blog-like platform https://www.androidpolice.com/twitter-notes-blogging-platform/


Blogging like it’s 2003 again


Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides extend Microsoft Office support to offline edits https://www.androidpolice.com/google-workspace-microsoft-office-offline-edits/


Offline editing has been around for a long time, just not for documents in Office editing mode


Este legal un program de adblocking? – HotNews.ro https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-specialisti_stoica_si_asociatii-25653091-este-legal-program-adblocking.htm


Pentru un simplu utilizator de internet, înlăturarea tuturor reclamelor de pe paginile pe care le accesează reprezintă un scenariu ideal, fie că vorbim de pop-ups sau de bannerele publicitare, care pot trimite la pagini web infectate cu malware.


GitHub – edoardottt/awesome-hacker-search-engines: A list of search engines useful during Penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, red team operations, bug bounty and more https://github.com/edoardottt/awesome-hacker-search-engines


A list of search engines useful during Penetration testing, Vulnerability assessments, Red Team operations, Bug Bounty and more


LevelUp Summit – Eveniment gratuit pentru clientii Gomag https://www.gomag.ro/blog/levelup-summit/


LevelUp Summit: 11 – 15 iulie 2022


Doar strategii de marketing si vanzari care functioneaza


Inscrie-te GRATUIT si asigura-te ca participi la sesiunile live!


Supermarketul online Sezamo s-a deschis într-un fel de beta testing și mi-am făcut cont – nwradu blog https://www.nwradu.ro/2022/06/supermarket-online-sezamo-deschis-cont/


Long story short, dacă vă duceți pe prod.sezamo.ro, puteți vedea tot ce vinde supermarketul online. S-ar putea să fie posibil să vă faceți și cont și să dați comenzi, că Sezamo este de fapt deschis într-un fel de beta testing/soft launch.


avocatoo on Instagram: “Te bate gândul să deschizi un e-commerce? Uite un checklist sfânt pe care să îl în vedere când vrei să faci asta. 💕, salvează și dă mai…” https://www.instagram.com/p/CfVkx1ZIkEB/


Twitter Name Ideas: The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing A Twitter Handle https://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/4495/twitter-handles-dos-and-don-ts-and-ebook.aspx


With over 200 million daily users, using Twitter right offers you massive benefits as a new or existing business.


20 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2022 https://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/31310/7-rookie-social-media-mistakes-from-big-brands.aspx


According to 2021 HubSpot Blog research on social media trends, 77% of social media marketers say social media marketing was somewhat to very effective for their company in 2021.


Google and Apple should remove TikTok from their app store, FCC commissioner says – CBS News https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tiktok-removed-national-security-threat-app-stores-google-apple-fcc-commissioner-brendan-carr/


U.S. – Google and Apple should remove TikTok from their app store, FCC commissioner says


A federal official issued a new warning to Apple and Google, urging the tech giants to remove China-based app TikTok from their app stores.


How to Write Expert Roundups: 5 Clever Marketing Roundup Examples https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/how-to-write-expert-roundup/


As a content marketer you have lots of options for formats, from gated guides to research reports, from infographics to interviews. And of course, the expert roundup blog post.


Nu au folosit niciodată internetul https://panorama.ro/nu-au-folosit-niciodata-internetul/


Peste o treime din populația lumii nu a folosit niciodată internetul, potrivit Națiunilor Unite. […] În România, 11% din populație nu a accesat niciodată internetul.


A guide to making your phone suck – Mike Crittenden https://critter.blog/2022/06/30/a-guide-to-making-your-phone-suck/


If you spend more time on your phone than you want to, try these stupid tips.


5 plugin-uri WordPress populare și alternativele lor – Simplenet https://simplenet.ro/pluginuri-wordpress-populare-alternative/


Doar cele mai bune pluginuri WordPress ar trebui să ajungă pe site-ul dvs. web. Și pentru a vă ajuta, iată care sunt alegerile de top ale oamenilor.


Googlebot and the 15 MB thing  |  Google Search Central Blog  |  Google Developers https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2022/06/googlebot-15mb


What does this 15 MB limit mean to me?


Most likely nothing. There are very few pages on the internet that are bigger in size. You, dear reader, are unlikely to be the owner of one, since the median size of a HTML file is about 500 times smaller: 30 kilobytes (kB).


How To Use FileZilla Like a Pro (and Resolve Errors Too) https://kinsta.com/blog/how-to-use-filezilla/


As one of the most widely used FTP clients, FileZilla serves as a common go-to solution for transferring files between computers over the internet.


Unique Selling Proposition: cum să creezi oferta unică de vânzare https://seo365.ro/unique-selling-proposition/


Ce este Unique Selling Proposition sau „oferta unică de vânzare”, cum să o formulezi și de ce contează? Discutăm în acest articol.


FREE Hobo SEO Checklist & Task Manager (V1 .1) – Google Sheets https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pr0kjCQc93qrDFJyLA-FuhIOLeFFGNCDPOkGzeQxo-8/edit#gid=1637374961


Useful Tools We Will Be Using


Searchency https://www.searchency.net/


Instant Smart Search for your E-shop.


Ask the Data | Data Management | Customer Experience https://institutuldemarketing.ro/management-de-date-pentru-customer-experience/


Urmăriţi înregistrarea ultimei ediţii Ask The Data, un proiect realizat alături de partenerul nostru SAS, liderul global al soluțiilor de management de date, într-o ediție dedicată serviciilor financiare.


Hai la SocialPedia 39 despre Social Media în 2022 – Sabina Cornovac Online https://www.sabinacornovac.ro/hai-la-socialpedia-39-despre-social-media-in-2022/


✅ Ediția 39 a SocialPedia are loc pe 12 iulie 2022, de la ora 18:30, offline, despre Social Media in 2022 și este powered by Forcapil, Urgo și Bio-Oil, sponsored by BCR.


5 ways to get PPC and SEO working together https://searchengineland.com/get-ppc-seo-working-together-386083


Causes of friction between SEO and PPC often occur because we tend to use different sources of truth for each channel and build silos of communication between teams.


Tendințe în e-commerce: creștere de până la 10% față de 2021, anticiparea de stocuri pentru livrări rapide, livrarea la lockere – Blog-ul GPeC https://www.gpec.ro/blog/tendinte-in-e-commerce-crestere-de-pana-la-10-fata-de-2021-anticiparea-de-stocuri-pentru-livrari-rapide-livrarea-la-lockere


Potrivit estimărilor principalilor jucători din domeniu la GPeC SUMMIT desfășurat pe 30-31 Mai, în acest an, sectorul e-commerce românesc va aduce creștere o cuprinsă între 5 și 10% față de 2021, anul trecut piața de e-commerce atingând pragul de 6,2 miliarde. Comerțul online românesc va continua etapa de consolidare și ușoară creștere, apropiindu-se de valoarea de 7 miliarde de euro la finalul anului 2022.


Marketing online în era cookieless – GA4 și datele personale – DWF https://dwf.ro/blog/marketing-online-in-era-cookieless-ga4-si-datele-personale/


Ca să vină în întâmpinarea acestei nevoi, trecerea la Google Analytics 4 marchează începutul erei cookieless. De la 1 iulie 2023, noua versiune de GA nu se va mai baza pe informațiile stocate în browsere despre vizitatorii site-urilor.


Reason number 5445131 why some SEOs destroy the reputation of SEO – I Love SEO https://www.iloveseo.net/reason-number-5445131-why-some-seos-destroy-the-reputation-of-seo/


I don’t usually write publicly about black hat cases, also because I am of the idea that SEO is not a matter of black and white but, rather, of a large scale of gray, where some are closer to white and others closer to black.


Brian Feroldi (🧠,📈) on Twitter: „What website is a hidden gem?” / Twitter https://twitter.com/BrianFeroldi/status/1541094872207310849


evoMAG este acum în Profitshare! – Marketing afiliat – Profitshare Blog https://blog.profitshare.ro/evomag/


De curând evoMAG s-a alăturat brandurilor mari din Profitshare și completează lista în creștere de advertiseri pe nișa de “Retail” !


How to Identify and Fix Poorly Performing Facebook Ads : Social Media Examiner https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-identify-and-fix-poorly-performing-facebook-ads/


In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your Facebook ads results by updating everything from objectives and targeting to offers and creatives.


Carrying costs | Seth’s Blog https://seths.blog/2022/06/carrying-costs/


How much does a puppy cost?


Local SEO Ranking – 5 factori de care Google ține cont în afișarea locațiilor din Maps – DWF https://dwf.ro/blog/local-seo-ranking-5-factori-de-care-google-tine-cont-in-afisarea-locatiilor-din-maps/


Optimizarea Local SEO este una dintre cele mai bune modalități prin care îți ajuți afacerea să apară în rezultatele de căutare locale relevante din Google.


Cum sa cresti numarul de clienti pentru afacerea ta profitabila https://www.gomag.ro/blog/cum-sa-cresti-numarul-de-clienti-pentru-afacerea-ta/


O afacere online, indiferent de tipul ei, nu poate supravietui fara clienti.


14 Best Free Chrome Extensions for SEOs (Tried & Tested) https://ahrefs.com/blog/seo-chrome-extensions/


SEO-related Chrome extensions can help you work faster and smarter.


5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Google Rankings https://www.searchenginejournal.com/improve-rankings-google/412864/


SEO can be overwhelming – but simply paying attention to these five basics will position you for ranking success.


SEO Writing: 7 Steps to Create Search-Optimized Content



But what is SEO writing? How do you write for search engines while still writing for the people who use them? Is there a process anyone can follow to be a better SEO writer?


What are Identical Keywords and why they matter for Google Ads https://searchengineland.com/identical-keywords-google-ads-386116


Google Ads has clarified what identical keywords are. But does this tactic go against what Google has been preaching for years?


New Study Shows Twitter is the Most Used Social Media Platform Among Journalists | Social Media Today https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/new-study-shows-twitter-is-the-most-used-social-media-platform-among-journa/626245/


According to a new Pew Research study, incorporating responses from over 11,500 journalists based in the US, Twitter is by far the most used social platform among this group, which means that much of the reporting that you’re then seeing in media outlets is, at least in some way, being influenced by tweeted opinion.


Scoala de Vara de E-Commerce & Digital Marketing GPeC https://www.gpec.ro/scoala-de-vara-de-e-commerce-marketing-online-gpec/


Am deschis înscrierile pentru programul Școala De Vara în Ecommerce & Marketing Digital GPeC, care se va desfășura în perioada 24 – 29 August!


Directorul e-commerce Noriel: Automatizarea crește productivitatea angajaților și a companiei – Stirileprotv.ro https://stirileprotv.ro/stiri/eplan/eplan-directorul-e-commerce-noriel-automatizarea-creste-productivitatea-angajatilor-si-a-companiei.html


Directorul de comerț online al celei mai mari afaceri de jucării din România a vorbit pentru ePlan despre cum vede anul 2022 în e-commerce.


Asistăm la OTVizarea podcasturilor românești – hoinaru.ro https://www.hoinaru.ro/2022/06/06/asistam-la-otvizarea-podcasturilor-romanesti/


Am tot urmărit în ultimul an cum a mai mers piața de podcasturi și concluziile sunt triste. S-a dus efervescența din jurul fenomenului, poate puțin cam repede. Sigur, asta nu înseamnă că nu vor veni companii în zona asta, de obicei alea care au o viteză de reacție mai mică.


E-book: Cum să devenim foarte buni în Copywriting https://www.whitepress.com/ro/cum-sa-devenim-foarte-buni-in-copywriting


E-book unic pentru copywriteri creat de WhitePress și de experți


Build Up Authority: Cum să te poziționezi ca o autoritate în industria ta https://markeero.com/build-up-authority/


Cursul care te învață cum să te poziționezi ca un expert în industria ta prin creația de conținut.


All the Ways Google Gets Street View Images | WIRED – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oApM0jBRKbY


Twitter Resumes Nofollow Attributes To Links https://www.seroundtable.com/twitter-resumes-nofollow-attributes-to-links-33691.html


A few weeks or so ago, Twitter removed nofollow attributes from its links. Well, it seems like now those nofollow link attributes were added back. Glenn Gabe spotted this on this past Friday, right before the long July 4th weekend.


New Gmail rolls out to everyone, and you can hide that big sidebar now | Ars Technica https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/07/how-to-turn-off-gmails-new-sidebar-and-other-ways-to-deal-with-new-gmail/


New Gmail is coming to your account, but things are adjustable.


Google: How to increase feature adoption the right way https://growth.design/case-studies/google-feature-adoption


Growth.Design Case Study #038


Interneting Is Hard | Web Development Tutorials For Complete Beginners https://www.internetingishard.com/


Our mission is to make web development accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we’re offering our entire HTML & CSS tutorial for free. Get to it!


Style Manual http://stylemanual.org/


A reference document by Andy Taylor.


Don’t fight the browser preload scanner https://web.dev/preload-scanner/


Find out what the browser preload scanner is, how it helps performance, and how you can stay out of its way.


Why We Stopped (Most) Manual Link Building After 1M+ Emails – Siege Media https://www.siegemedia.com/marketing/manual-link-building


After a lot of deliberation and data analysis, we’ve realized that manual link building doesn’t make sense for 90%+ of the companies we help.


Google Says No SEO Benefit To Hosting On A CDN https://www.seroundtable.com/google-no-seo-benefit-to-hosting-on-a-cdn-33559.html


So obviously you can do a lot of these things, I don’t think it would have a big affect on Google at all in regards to SEO. The only affect that I can imagine that something might happen is what users end up seeing.


Google My Business Photography Strategy Part 2 https://seonotebook.notion.site/Google-My-Business-Photography-Strategy-Part-2-c3814d1ecdbf43b7897600a6a3d62409


Here are some common do’s and don’ts that will help maximize your photos.


🐝 johnmu.csv (personal) weighs more than 16MB 🐝 on Twitter: „@mastersanket @Google The concept of toxic links is something that’s made up by SEO tools—I’d just ignore it, and perhaps move on to more serious tools.” / Twitter https://twitter.com/JohnMu/status/1533697837703348224


2022 Winners – European Search Awards https://europeansearchawards.com/2022-winners/


You can also relive all the action from the night by watching the ceremony below.


Kristina Azarenko (techseo.pro) 🔥 on Twitter: „7 things I wish I understood earlier as a technical #SEO A 🧵” / Twitter https://twitter.com/azarchick/status/1535238347605413888


Andrew Charlton on Twitter: „Keywords in Sheets is finally in BETA 🎉🚀 It includes 4 PRO functions 👇 Search Volume Related Keywords Competitor Keywords Search Results And 6 FREE functions: Status Code Checker, Redirect Checker, Local Keywords, Link Checker & XML Sitemap. https://t.co/8VubbQhNuG https://t.co/DfhsfvaVVY” / Twitter https://twitter.com/bertiecharlton/status/1534540733130080256


2022 Winners – Global Agency Awards https://globalagencyawards.net/2022-winners/


Congratulations to all our 2022 Global Agency Awards winners. Be sure to share your success using the assets below. If you missed anything from the ceremony, you can watch it here too.


Tessa Davis on Twitter: „Of all the meeting platforms we’ve used over the last 2 years, Zoom is the one I love most. Most of us think we know Zoom inside out. But we don’t. Here are 7 Zoom hacks you probably haven’t heard of, but you’ll be glad you now know. 🧵👇” / Twitter https://twitter.com/TessaRDavis/status/1513957564316364805


Google No Longer Lowers Importance Of Content Not Visible On Page https://www.seroundtable.com/google-not-visible-content-33630.html


Gary confirmed saying „It just has to be in the HTML. So, basically, if you—Or in the immediate JavaScript. For example, if JavaScript brings in some content from within the JavaScript that’s on the page or linked from the page, basically not using a XHR to bring in content.”


Almost Half of GSC Clicks Go to Hidden Terms – A Study by Ahrefs https://ahrefs.com/blog/gsc-hidden-terms-study/


These instances of hidden terms account for 46.08% of all clicks in our study. The study includes one month of data across 146,741 websites and nearly 9 billion total clicks.


Google Analytics is losing track of millions of users as regulators ban the service https://www.androidpolice.com/google-analytics-gdpr-eu-violation/


Austria, France, and now Italy are now telling webmasters to switch away


UK subscribers will soon be able to leave Amazon Prime in two clicks | Amazon | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/jul/04/uk-subscribers-will-soon-be-able-to-leave-amazon-prime-in-two-clicks


The move follows changes across the EU that made it simpler for users to quit the subscription service


Glossary Page Template https://glossary.page/template/


A single HTML page with a built-in editor for creating a glossary that can be hosted anywhere.


SEOday | SEO conference in three languages | 100% Free https://puntorojo.com/en/seoday/talks


SEODay 2022 EDITION, is an important SEO conference with remarkable speakers such as John Mueller, Izzi Smith & More. Live on June 22nd. ¡Register now for free!


Google Says Search Query Pages Are Similar To Low Effort Category Pages https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-query-pages-equivalent-to-low-effort-category-pages-33699.html


Google’s John Mueller was asked again about should you block your search results pages on your site from being indexed. The answer is generally yes, always has been, but John added that a „selected list of search-queries being essentially equivalent to low-effort category pages,” he said „but overall I’d block them.”


Webinar: TBITalks – Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CristianChinaBirta.ro/photos/a.393592447373225/5291334174265670/


Webinar gratuit.


Află care sunt pașii ce trebuie să-i urmezi. https://edukiwi.ro/mihai-chitoiu/webinar-invata-seo-de-la-un-profesionist/


Câștigi peste 100.000 de lei în primul an și

începi o carieră nouă într-un domeniu totmai căutat în România


Hiding XML Sitemaps | ohgm https://ohgm.co.uk/hiding-xml-sitemaps/


A client was working on a dynamic XML Sitemap containing potentially juicy information competitors would be very interested in.


Externalizarea creării de conținut pentru site-uri de marketing afiliat – Afiliatti.ro https://afiliatti.ro/externalizarea-crearii-de-continut-pentru-site-uri-de-marketing-afiliat/


Foarte util articolul pt incepatori. Nu ai scris nimic despre lungimea unui articol in functie de destinatie: review, informativ. E un minim in functie de destinatie sau nu conteaza lungimea atat timp cat se acopera tot topicul?


Why you should invest in branded keywords even if your company ranks #1 on Google https://searchengineland.com/why-invest-branded-keywords-386220


Investment in brand keywords is critical because it allows you to directly influence your brand’s presentation on the SERP.


Scoala de Vara de E-Commerce & Digital Marketing GPeC https://www.gpec.ro/scoala-de-vara-de-e-commerce-marketing-online-gpec/


Va anunțăm că jumătate din locurile disponibile la Școala De Vara în Ecommerce & Marketing Digital GPeC (24 – 29 August) sunt deja rezervate! Până pe 15 iulie mai este valabilă oferta Early Bird, așa că va recomandăm să nu mai stați pe gânduri.


European e-commerce still growing but new global challenges lie ahead – Ecommerce Europe https://ecommerce-europe.eu/press-item/european-e-commerce-still-growing-but-new-global-challenges-lie-ahead/


Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce today jointly published the 2022 European E-commerce Report. In 2021, European e-commerce grew by 13 % to €718 billion euros. The growth rate has remained stable, though it has risen slightly compared to 2020. The 2021 B2C turnover figures show that e-commerce continues to grow, despite lockdowns being lifted and consumers’ ability to visit physical stores again.


Astrofox https://astrofox.io/


Turn audio into amazing videos


Bad UI is causing people to get scammed | Ashlan’s blog https://ashlan.com/blog/bad-ui-is-causing-people-to-get-scammed/


Gmail by default hides the sender email address (but conveniently shows the recipient email address??). I’m sure many people mostly use their phones to email and don’t know how to expand to display the full email address.


AutoRegex: Convert from English to RegEx with Natural Language Processing https://www.autoregex.xyz/


Regex is difficult to write and comprehend to the average human reader because of its complex patterns. This website uses GPT-3 to generate regular expressions from plain English.

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