Conferință cu oficiali Google în București – Martin Splitt și John Mueller – Search Central Live 2024 (2024.04.04)

We’re excited to announce a Search Central Live event in Bucharest, Romania on April 4, 2024. Search Central Live is our global Google Search event series specifically for site owners, publishers, and SEOs.

We’d love to invite you—SEOs, website owners, developers, journalists, publishers, and anyone interested in Google Search—to apply for an invite on our event website. We’ll have a broad range of speakers, including Martin Splitt and John Mueller from the Google Search Relations team, as well as speakers from News Partnerships and developer relations. The event and all presentations will be in English.

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate everyone. Applications are open until March 18. We’ll send invitations by March 25 to accepted attendees, you’ll need that email to enter the event.

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Așadar, de înscris pe site-ul oficial și de aplicat pentru o invitație.

Search Central Live 2024 in Bucharest Romania - Google Search Central

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